The J.T. Neal Memorial Shield

1984R. Gibson1999J. Fothergill2015W. West
1985F. Wealands2000A. Irvin2016C. Gittins
1986W. Jackson2001M. Coleman2018M. Hepperle
1987F. Wealands2002T. Storey2019M. Hole
1988N. Carling2003A. Duff2020K. Thompson
2021S. Morland
1989N. Carling2004J. Henderson
1990W. Snowdon2005J. Henderson
1991E. Pearson2006P. Fennell
1992M. Coleman2007P. Fennell
1993A. Robinson2008A. Moss
1994W. Snowdon2009C. Gittins
1995M.J. Coleman2010C. Gittins
1996D. Redfern2011P. Fennell
1997M. Walton2012G. Wright
1998G. Hemsley2013M. Hepperley

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