Club Championship (J. Morrison Trophy From 1940)

1919W. F. Elgie1963J. Henderson2006W. Morland
1920W. Park1964R. Holdsworth2007W. Morland*
1921J. Morrison Jnr1965A. Holmes2008W. Morland
1922W. Reed1966R. Wealands*2009B. Hopkins Jnr*
1923G.R. Curnock1967A. Holmes2010K. Burton
1924J. Ellerington1968R. Wealands2011B. Hopkins
1925J. Ellerington1969H. Hanson2012S. Morland
1926W. Taylor1970R. Holdsworth2013S. Hopkins
1927J. Bailey1971R. Holdsworth2014S. Hopkins*
1928J. Morrison Jnr1972F. Cave2015P. Bailey
1929W. Chilton1973T. Cail2016S. Morland
1930H. Pickard1974T. Newton2017S. Brodie
1931J. Bailey*1975R. Bousfield2018S. Brodie
1932A.J. Alsop1976M. J. Coleman2019S. Morland
1933W. Robinson1977R. Bousfield2020F. Dixon
1934W. Robinson1978R. Bousfield2021F. Dixon
1935J. Glover1979D. Hammond
1936S. J. A. Bates1980R. Bousfield
1937W. Chilton1981T. Smith
1938J. Morrison Jnr1982T. Smith
1939J. Morrison Jnr1983J. Burrows
1940A. J. Alsop1984T. Smith
1941S. Swales1985J. Burrows
1942S. Swales1986G. Bearpark
1943S. J. A. Bates1987G. Bearpark
1944J. W. Dales1988A. Bousfield
1945W. Taylor1989G. Garrett
1946J. W. Dale1990D. Redfern
1947H. C. Riley1991N. Carlin
1948W. Robinson1992M. J. Coleman
1949J. R. Hopperton1993W. Morland
1950W. Robinson1994W. Morland
1951S. E. Barr1995W. Morland
1952P. Alderson1996S. Morland
1953W. Plant1997W. Morland
1954P. Alderson1998A. Irvin
1955G. Coates1999S. Morland*
1956A. Holmes2000J. Green
1957J. R. Hopperton2001J. Green
1958J. W. Ducker2002A. Irvin
1959R. Wealands2003B. Hopkins
1960W. Plant2004W. Morland
1962R. Wealands2005W. Morland

* Denotes Champion of Champion winner

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