Turner Trophy

1947S. R. Bates1983T. Richardson / A. Irvin2006B. Hopkins Jnr
1948A. Riddle1984C. Keeler / D. Neil2007S. Hopkins
1949A. B. Temple1985B. Moore / S. Johnson2008S. Hopkins
1950P. Alderson1986F. Edwards / P. Richardson2010B. Hopkins Jnr
1951A. Holmes1987A. Freeman / F. Wealands2011B. Cairns
1952G. Coates1988A. Irvin / W. Snowden2012J. Pattison
1953A. B. Temple1989J. Green2018S. Laycock
1955J. R. Hopperton1990J. Courtley2019P. Mason
1957J. R. Hopperton1991D. Redfern2020V. Lord/J. Hall
2021S. Waller/H. Hudson
1958R. Wealands1992D. Neil
1960P. Alderson1993M. J. Coleman
1961A. Darbyshire1994S. Morland
1963R. Wealands1995S. Morland
1967R. Holdsworth1996S. Morland
1969J. Henderson1997D. Redfern
1971H. Hanson1998W. Morland
1975T. Smith1999K. Abbott
1976H. Graham2000B. Hopkins
1977W. Jackson2001B. Hopkins
1978J. Green2002T. Storey
1979D. Redfern2003T. Storey
1980A. I. Robinson2004N/A
1982H. Ashcroft / D. Hammond2005W. Morland

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