Stan Johnson Plate

1991T. Blows2006S. Morland
1992B. Moore2007W. Morland
1993P. Fennell2008S. Harston
1994D. Redfern2009Sam Pattison
1995D. Redfern2013B. Hopkins Jnr
1996I. McAllister2014B. Hopkins Jnr
1997S. Morland2017K. Bousfield
1998S. Morland2018K. Bousfield/M. Hole
2002L. Stacey2019C. Mafham/B. Dixon
2003B. Hopkins2020S. Laycock/G. Toole
2021K. Robinson
2004J. Fothergill
2005S. Morland

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