Jimmy Henderson Shield

1977A. Bousfield1992N. Soulsby2007S. Morland
1978L. Wiseman1993A. Irvin2008W. Morland
1979D. Redfern1994P. Fennell2011J. Harston
1980D. Neil1995J. Henderson2012S. Hopkins
1981K. Sanderson1996P. Fennell2013P. Bailey
1982I. McAllister1997S. Morland2014M. Hole
1983A. Irvin1998J. Henderson2017B. Bradley
1984D. Neil1999A. Irvine2018S. Morland
1985J. Green2000B. Hopkins2019J. Thompson
1986M. J. Coleman2001J. Fothergill2020F. Dixon
2021A. Wood
1987G. Bearpark2002B. Hopkins
1988M. J. Coleman2003S. Morland
1989J. Courtley2004C. Gittins
1990T. Richardson2005S. Morland
1991D. Redfern2006S. Hopkins

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