Contact Us

Got something to say, then drop us an e-mail.

You can also contact Scott Morland by Phone on 07984 603455 if you wish to join the club.


One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Scott

    I hope that you are well

    We are currently looking at Café opening times from April 1st through to the end of August
    Currently the thinking is to open till 6pm every day in order to attract late afternoon business, is there any mileage in us staying open later on club nights, if so what evenings are they

    also if you would like us to be open if you have tournaments etc. I would be happy to accommodate this

    We are keen to use South Park Café social media Facebook page more so if you have anything that you would like us to share and like please let one of the staff know and we will share, we are finally launching our new website at the end of March and we will have a portal just for South Park so this will make publicising anything that you are doing easier




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