Policies & Procedures

Please see our page dedicated to our policies and procedures, I have also included our draft letter and forms for 2020 in case anyone is over keen.  Our bowls tips, club catalogue and coaching guide are also included.

These polices and procedures are what our club follows to mirror the Bowls Development Alliance and Bowls England.  You will be asked to sign that you are willing to adhere to these.

Our Safeguarding Officers will ensure the templates are up to date and where necessary on display on the club notice board.

Note that the updated versions that we follow are always kept on: http://safeguardingbowls.org/downloads.html

2020 Club Competitions

2020 Letter

2020 Membership Form

Bowls Tips, Home Green Tips

Club Basic Code of Conduct

Club Catalogue

Coaching Guide Book

DSPBC Adults at Risk Policy

DSPBC Anti Bullying Statement

DSPBC Application Form Template – CoachesStaffVolunteersOfficers

DSPBC Code of Conduct for Children

DSPBC Code of Conduct for Coaches

DSPBC Code of Conduct for Members

DSPBC Code of Conduct for Parent-Carers

DSPBC Incident Reporting Form

DSPBC Junior Consent Form

DSPBC Junior Register (if ever required)

DSPBC Permissions Template (Photos)

DSPBC Photographers Event Registration Form

DSPBC Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

DSPBC Safeguarding Checklist (still to complete)

DSPBC Safeguarding Contacts (to be completed)

DSPBC Self Disclosure Template

DSPBC Travel Ticklist (if ever required)

DSPBC Vehicle Registration Form

DSPBC Volunteer Reference Template

DSPC Code of Conduct for Officials & Volunteers

GDPR Agreement

Lawn Bowls Basics

Safeguarding (Vulnerable Person Form)

Safeguarding Policy

Club Internal Rules (revised Sept 2019)

Signed Constitution