George S. Hill Trophy

1954R. W. Young / J. W. Walker1981D. Neil / T. Smith2006W. Morland / B. Hopkins Jnr
1955G. Bell / J. W. Walker1982B. Moore / T. Richardson2007G. Jones / S. Morland
1956S. Hutchinson / S. E. Barr1983H. Smith / R. Collinson2008W. Morland / B. Hopkins Jnr
1957R. Wealands / S. E. Bar1984H. Smith / R. Collinson2009W. Morland / B. Hopkins Jnr
1958R. Wealands / G. Coates1985J. Green / C. Keeler2010B. Hopkins / S. Brodie
1960F. Galloway / G. Coates1986J. Green / C. Keeler2011B. Hopkins / S. Brodie
1961F. Galloway / G. Coates1987J. Green / C. Keeler2012S. Morland / Sam Pattison
1962W. Simpson / C. Holliday1988A. Irvin / P. Wetherall2013B. Hopkins / S. Brodie
1963W. Oliver / N. E. Lomas1989B. Moore / T. Richardson2014J. Pattison / Sam Pattison
1964J. Gibson / G. Coates1990J. Green / J. Courtley2015S. Morland / T. Minns
1965T. James / J. Prest1991J. Green / J. Courtley2016W. Morland / P. Bailey
1966N. E. Lomas / J. Henderson1992B. Moore / T. Richardson2017W. Morland / S. Morland
1967A. Holmes / J. W. Ducker1993W. Morland / S. Morland2018W. Morland / S. Morland
1968J. Henderson / S. Jackson1994W. Morland / S. Morland2019W. Morland / S. Morland / J. Burnett
1969H. Hanson / J. Henderson1995W. Morland / S. Morland2020W. Morland / S. Morland
2021K. Thompson/I. Glenning
1970J. Henderson / J. W. Walker1996W. Morland / S. Morland
1971E. Roper / G. Stephenson1997W. Morland / S. Morland
1973A. Waterson / R. Bousfield1998W. Morland / S. Morland
1974H. Hanson / H. Graham1999B. Hopkins / A. Irvin
1975A. Bousfield / R. Bousfield2000B. Hopkins / A. Irvin
1976R. Gibson / B. Jackson2001B. Hopkins / A. Irvin
1977C. Keeler / A. Bousfield2002T. Richardson / S. Morland
1978L. Wiseman / J. Freeman2003J. Green / A.Duff
1979D. Neil / L. Donaldson2004S. Morland / J. Smith
1980T. Smith / D. Hammond2005W. Morland / B. Hopkins Jnr

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