Life is a Rollercoaster #rideit

Its been another rollercoaster season but I cant help but reflect proudly. We have recruited 7 new members this year with the possibility of another 2 or 3 joining next week. We have used 28 players in total which is terrific in the climate of the game , especially in Darlington where most are struggling to make ends meet.


How has this been achieved bowlers may ask. Well its simple really, get off yer butts and make it happen, can you name any other clubs that had:-

* 100 kids playing on their green last weekend?
* Archery, Quoits, Casino nights?
* Regular newspaper adverts?
* Regular Social Media Promotion
* Liaison with local council and community groups

Its impossible to keep everyone happy in this world but if you don’t try, you don’t get. Its time that other clubs stopped using excuses for the dying game and promoted the sport, also get rid of all the old fashioned mentalities which is holding the game back! – Can you believe in 2016 we still expect players and young kids to wear grey trousers and in most circumstances white shirts!

Lets start breeding new ideas in drab boring leagues, lets embrace change and start getting some people back on the green – its easy if you want it enough!


#LoveDarlo – Free Bowls July 3rd

On July 3rd 2016 between 10am and 4pm Darlington Neighbourhood Watch are running a free event in an attempt to battle against all the negativity around the cuts in the town at the moment.

We have been asked to participate and invite you all to join us on the bowls green free of charge. Along with this we will be advertising free membership until the end of the season and encouraging people to join.

Or aims for the day:-

1. New Members
2. Public Participation (all day if you wish)
3. Aiming for a new ladies team (need 9 new female members)
4. Aiming for new mixed team (need 9 new bowlers of any gender)
5. Any donations towards our security problems welcome
6. Show people some of the history of bowls at South Park
7. A days enjoyment!
8. Raise awareness of the sport and its availability for the towns people

Independence Day

South Park Bowls Club can announce that as of 3rd June 2016 not only are the South Park Vets part of our club we have also become our own CASC that will collect green fees for the bowlers from January 2017.

These fees will allow the club to start working towards securing the green, improving its facilities and also promoting the club in a modern way to attract new bowlers. Its only the beginning but all bright futures started somewhere!

We are now in discussions with the Council about some kind of Victorian perimeter fence to enhance the green as a spectacle and to assist with our problems.

On another note there is progress on our ongoing problems with youths harassing the bowlers. We have had meetings with the Council, the Youth Offending Service and also the PCSO’s. We have numbers to call for the CCTV team, also are being given extra patrols by the PCSO’s who have already attended some of our games to help ease our problems.

On top of this we cant thanks Francis Jones and Sparta Security enough who have been helping us and are on call whenever problems arise, we are very grateful for their help which they have volunteered.

Unfortunately we are not able to thank bowling clubs who haven’t supported us whilst we have these security problem, 2 clubs have already shown unwillingness to bowl at South Park and only Darlington Woodland have kindly offered us temporary accommodation. This lack of support may cause us no end of problems but we have to keep battling to ensure bowls at South Park remains popular.

On a social note we have 2 events coming up in Archery and Quoits – both great fun, please contact me if you would like to come!
Saturday 9th July – Archery – Dolphin Centre 5pm then drinks afterwards.
Wednesday 27th July – Quoits – Darlington Quoits Club 7pm

South Park Teams Join Forces

In another historic moment for the club, Darlington South Park and Darlington South Park Vets are now one single club.

The clubs have joined forces for the sole purpose of working together to make South Park a better place to bowl and to help secure and improve the future for the 2 clubs.

The fixtures are now uploaded and we are delighted to welcome the Vets to the club.

Another New Beginning

As the new 2016 season is upon we reflect on members lost but more importantly look forward to meeting members new.

From the start of 2016 we have had a lot of enquiries and fingers crossed many will join, this will not only mean survival but could be the start of long term stability. In a transitional period for bowls as a sport our club is placing its priorities into building a club for the future and not concerning ourselves too much with the competitive side of the sport (although we still hate to lose!).

We will be updating the website with fixtures and results as the season progresses and despite the positivity we still look for more new members, if you are interesting in taking up the sport please message me on or 07984 603455. Its a cheap sport and at the mere age of 36 and 25 years of bowling I can vouch that it is a great sport! – The club is 120years old this year and the best way to celebrate this is lots of new membership!

Please see our facebook page for regular updates.