Lets Support GPO!

Our club has come to an agreement with the GPO secretary to “Help Each Other” – They are going to provide players for Monday nights and we ae going to do vise versa for them on Thursdays. Both clubs are struggling for members and hopefully this partnership will help both both clubs survive in the short term. Hopefully this relationship will develop in coming years and secure the future of both clubs.

D’ton League Resignation

We have this week officially resigned from the Darlington & District League, after a season of being treat unfairly in a registration dispute our decision was fasttracked to 2013.
Despie our problems the decision mainly is to secure the future of the club, we are now a mixed gender club and all leagues we will now participate in are mixed. Over the years we have had dwindling male membership and now we can push forward as one team.
As previously stated we have now joined the South West Durham League and look forward to the new challenge!

Rolling Mills Refuse to Play

A most amusing night in the Darlington League where we turned up for our game at North Park and they refused to allow 4 of our members to play on their green. It all seemed preset and very personal towards one of our players.

As the Rolling Mills have a close relationship with the Darlington Parks Association and South Park are not members they have stated that 4 of our players are not paid and affiliated therefore are not allowed on their green.

After much debate and a disinterested will to discuss on the part of Rolling Mills we eventually left after 45minutes.

We will now approach the League for their advice as no league rules were broken on our part, however this may not be the case for Rolling Mills.

South Park 3.5 Middleton St George B 1.5

We played a man short in this game and were missing our strongest skip in Barry Hopkins yet still came out victorious. We have been given the blow of uncertainty as to when Barry will be available to play again in the near future which weakens the teams push for promotion. However with a good lead at the top of the table already this result did no harm at all. Scott Morland and Danny Bailey played with the man down and managed to win comfortably despite losing a third of their shots as a penalty. Simon Brodie was the only losing rink and Glyn Jones rink threw away a large lead to draw.

GPO 0 South Park 5

A blustery rainy night saw the team advance further ahead at the top of Division 3. All rinks won even after a few hiccups along the way. Glyn Jones rink never took the lead until 16 ends had gone and Simon Brodies rink tried their very best to throw it away at the end but picked up a vital 4 at the death.
GPO who despite being a woman is effectively ran by Jane Pattison, after this defeat I would reconsider her team selection for next week lol