Social Improvements

South Park Bowls Club aims to be the leaders of small bowls clubs in Darlington. While other clubs are dying we have increased membership this year and can report of increasing attempts to build relations and the social image of bowls.

This week we are pleased to say we had a night out at Darlington Quoit Club. A sport with a similar reputation to Bowls yet we loved it. We were invited as a team and took 12 of our members for a few beers and an introduction to Quoits.

We can only thank Robin Price and colleagues at the Quoit Club for their hospitality in which we hope to make these social events a regular thing.

As a club next year we hope to pencil in a variety of events into the bowling calendar, these are to include promotional events and fund raising events which include the general public as well as social nights out for our bowlers.

If we have a successful AGM next week we may be looking to become a Registered Sports Club which we may look to improve the facility at our green, but watch this space……………..