South Park Celebrates

This year can only be described as amazing. We lost the majority of our young membership, we were still in the anti-climax of last years off green mess and yet we have won and achieved so much in 2013.

We joined the South West Durham League and won Division 2 in our 1st season, not to mention runner-up to the Leagues best team Spennymoor A in the League Knock-Out. We won the double in the Sherwood League and the Millennium Cup in the Durham & District League. Its fair to say we haven’t missed the Darlington & District League one little bit!!

See below all our championships for this season but lets not forget to thank all the members for what has been a fantastic effort. You should all be very proud!

Team Achievements
South West Durham League Division 2 Winners
South West Durham League Knock-Out Runners-Up
Sherwood League Winners
Sherwood League Knock-Out Winners
Durham & District League Millennium Cup Winners

League Individual Titles
South West Durham League Singles Winner – Barry Hopkins Jnr
South West Durham League Mixed Pairs Winners – Barry Hopkins Jnr/Sandra Hopkins
Sherwood League Singles Winner – Barry Hopkins Jnr
Sherwood League Pairs Winner – Mathew Raftree/Scott Morland
Sherwood League Pairs Runner-Up – Sandra Hopkins/Simon Brodie
Sherwood League Triples Winners – Barry Hopkins Jnr/Mathew Raftree/Sandra Hopkins
Darlington & District League Champion of Champions Winner – Mathew Raftree (Representing GPO)
Darlington & District League Lord Younger Singles Winner – Barry Hopkins Jnr (Representing GPO)
Darlington & District League Co-Op Cup Singles Winner – Barry Hopkins Jnr (Representing GPO)

Internal Competition Winner
Mick Coleman Shield – Barry Hopkins Jnr
Henderson Shield – Paul Bailey
Morrison Trophy (Club Championship) – Sandra Hopkins
Fred Hopkins Trophy – Barry Hopkins Jnr
Centenary Shield – Sandra Hopkins
George Shaw Cup – Mathew Raftree
George Hill Pairs – Barry Hopkins/Simon Brodie
Stan Johnson Plate – Barry Hopkins Jnr
Player of the Year (Glass Bowl) – Mathew Raftree
Junior Trophy – Barry Hopkins Jnr