Rolling Mills Refuse to Play

A most amusing night in the Darlington League where we turned up for our game at North Park and they refused to allow 4 of our members to play on their green. It all seemed preset and very personal towards one of our players.

As the Rolling Mills have a close relationship with the Darlington Parks Association and South Park are not members they have stated that 4 of our players are not paid and affiliated therefore are not allowed on their green.

After much debate and a disinterested will to discuss on the part of Rolling Mills we eventually left after 45minutes.

We will now approach the League for their advice as no league rules were broken on our part, however this may not be the case for Rolling Mills.

Competition Update

Scott Morland EBA run came to a dramatic end at Woodland where Stuart Clarke got throught to the County Stages of the competition.
We also have 4 new club champions:-
Glyn Jones
Sandra Hopkins
Jane Pattison
Sam Pattison
These are the winners of our open days to date.

Parks Association??!!!

A good topic for debate, is the Darlington Parks Association a good thing for bowling in Darlington? – There are many items to discuss and for that reason South Park are yet to fully support the cause.
Although due to the lack of support Darlington Borough Council has given bowlers over the last 10 years the Association has been created with good intention to protect the Darlington Greens and its members. Since its formation though it seems they are trying to define what clubs not affiliated to them do also.
The Darlington Greens are the worst they have been in years this season, North Lodge is a disgrace, East Park was disgusting early doors and South Park (yet to be ran by Association) is also poor. We will see what North Park is like this week! – It asks the question – is the only benefit of this association that the Dene/North Lodge & Park and East Park are still open?? -Because apart from controversy nothing else seems to have improved. So again the question is, is the Parks Association a benefit to bowls or is it a benefit to a small group of clubs that feared for their own greens????

South Park 3.5 Middleton St George B 1.5

We played a man short in this game and were missing our strongest skip in Barry Hopkins yet still came out victorious. We have been given the blow of uncertainty as to when Barry will be available to play again in the near future which weakens the teams push for promotion. However with a good lead at the top of the table already this result did no harm at all. Scott Morland and Danny Bailey played with the man down and managed to win comfortably despite losing a third of their shots as a penalty. Simon Brodie was the only losing rink and Glyn Jones rink threw away a large lead to draw.

South Park 2 Murton 8

Another opportunity to move up the table slips away in the Durham League. It seems only a run of 4 or 5 games will get us back into a promotion position. Never mind it is only the half way point, bring on the rest of the season!!