Witton Gilbert 8 South Park 2

Despite the North East being filled with hail and storms the game was completed almost all in the sunshine.
The result was not the best but on a positive note a full team was fielded and we were unlucky not to scrape 4 points.
Our only winning rink was Sandra Hopkins, Sam Pattison and Daniel Bailey – They won by 3 shots in a very pleasing encounter where they all played well but Sam played a stormer and made the difference in the game.
The rink skipped by Barry Hopkins was very unlucky to lose by one shot despite leading with 2 ends to play and despite losing substantially the rink Skipped by Jane Pattison was a close encounter in the 1st half.
The less said about the rink skipped by Scott Morland the better…………………
An enjoyable day with good hospitality but next week there is much room for improvement in the performance.